What is AI Heatmap?
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What is the AI Heatmap

The AI Heatmap is a tool that accurately predicts how visitors see and navigate a website and what they focus on the most.

This allows you, the website owner, to arrange the elements of your website in a way that maximizes conversions. In other words, you can see exactly where your main call to action should go – the bull’s eye of your visitors’ attention.

And if you want to get technical, we used a convolutional neural network, which we then customized with real-world design elements to create the AI Heatmap.

What do the heatmap colors mean?

Red and orange colors show areas your site visitors will pay more attention to while visiting your site. Green and blue indicate areas that will attract less attention.

What can I do with heatmap information?

  • Find the best placement for call-to-action buttons

  • Find out if changes to your site will be effective without the risk of bothering your audience with tests

  • Predict how visitors will see a website and what they will focus on

Do I need to upload a print screen of my page, or can the tool automatically check my website?

You can launch AI Heatmap by clicking on the Heatmap icon under the AI Tools in the builder (on the left):

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