You can change a website template by disconnecting the plan from one template and reconnecting the plan to another template.

1. (Optional) On the My websites page, duplicate the website template that’s currently connected to a Zyro plan. This way, you'd create a backup copy of the current template, e.g. if you ever want to continue with it in the future.

2. Delete the original website template that's still connected to a Zyro plan. By that, your plan (and a domain, if one had been connected) is disconnected from a template and becomes available to be linked to another template.

​3. Reload the dashboard and connect another website template to the plan: hover the mouse on the FREE badge under the preferred template and click UPGRADE - you'll be taken to the Subscriptions page.

Find the plan in question and click ASSIGN TO WEBSITE.

Find the template in question and click LINK SUBSCRIPTION.

​​Note: The content will not be automatically transferred from one website template to another - you would need to recreate it manually.

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