How to change a website template

Learn how to change your current website template

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To find all website templates, follow this link or click Create new website on the Websites page in your Zyro dashboard:

Remember that you can customize any template as much as you like. Feel free to not only change the appearance of your website, but also add various features, such as a blog, an online store, or integrations!

To change a website template, you need to unassign a subscription from one template and assign the subscription to another template:

1. On the Subscriptions page, hover the mouse over the ellipsis button () and click on Unassign subscription:

2. To assign the plan to a new template, click on Assign to website:

3. Find the template in question and click on Link subscription:

4. Once the website template is connected to your plan, reconnect your domain and, if necessary, re-add your DNS records.

NOTE: The content from the old template is not automatically transferred to the new template; you would need to recreate it manually

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