Messenger Live Chat is a plugin created by Facebook and it allows you to integrate Messenger directly into your Zyro website. 

Your customers can then talk to you and ask you questions, without ever leaving your website. 

To use Messenger Live Chat, you need to complete two simple steps.

Step 1 – Connect your Facebook page with your Zyro website

  1. Open your Facebook page, go to Settings and click on Messaging.

2. Find the Add Messenger to your website section and click Get Started.

3. Add your domain name, customize the plugin and once you're done - Publish.

Step 2 – Paste your Facebook Page ID into Zyro

1. On the Facebook page that you want to connect with Zyro, go to About. Sometimes you have to click See more if you can’t see the About tab.

2. Scroll down to locate your Page ID under More information.

3. Copy it and paste it into the Messenger Live Chat field. You can find it under the Integrations tab in your website’s Settings.

Pro Tip: After pasting the Facebook page ID, go to the editor and update the website.

The chatbox will get visible on the website within 2-4 hours 💬

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