Messenger Live Chat is a plugin created by Facebook. You can integrate it directly into your website. Your customers will be able to contact you quickly and easily, without having to leave your site.

Integrating Messenger Live Chat

There are two main steps that you need to complete:

Set up Messenger Live Chat plugin

1. Log into your Facebook account, and access Meta Business Suite:

2. Go to the inbox:

3. Within the inbox, click on the settings wheel in the top-right and select View all settings:

4. Within the Inbox settings, open the Chat Plugin section and do the following:

  • Insert your domain name (https://domain.tld/)

  • (Optional) Set up automated messages

  • (Optional) Customize your chat plugin

  • Click Publish

And that's it! All that's left is to find your Facebook page ID in your website's integrations settings (see steps below).

Connect Messenger Live Chat plugin to your website

1. Within the Inbox settings, open the Messaging section, and you'll see your messenger URL – it includes your page ID. Copy it:

2. Within the website builder, open the integrations settings. Find the Messenger Live Chat field and paste your Facebook page ID there:

3. Save the changes and update your website.

The chat bubble will appear on your website within a few hours.


  • You don't need to paste any additional code (script) into your website's integrations settings: your Facebook page ID is enough

  • You can also locate your Facebook page ID this way: Find your Facebook page ID

  • However, if you want to integrate Messenger Live Chat via code, you should paste the code into the Custom code field


If more than fours hours have passed after integrating Messenger Live Chat into your website, but the chat bubble isn’t yet visible on your website, check the following:

  1. Is the domain inserted in the correct format on Facebook's end

  2. Is the domain whitelisted on Facebook's end

  3. Is the correct Facebook page ID inserted on Zyro's end

  4. Is the website updated

Step 1 – Double-check the domain format

Make sure that the domain is inserted in this format: https://domain.tld/ (without WWW) in your Inbox settings → Chat plugin as given here:

Step 2 – Whitelist the domain

Open your regular (personal) Facebook profile and go to Pages on the left:

Then open your FB page on the left:

On the left, go to Settings:

Go to the Advanced messaging section, insert your domain under Whitelisted domains, and click Save:

Step 3 – Double-check the Facebook page ID

Make sure that the correct Facebook page ID has been pasted into your website's integration settings. You can find the ID this way: Find your Facebook page ID

Step 4 – Update the website

Finally, update your website, give it some time and check it online. You may also need to clear the cache.

NOTE: If you've completed all the above steps, and the chat bubble still hasn't appeared on your website, get in touch with our customer success team

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