All Zyro websites are responsive, which means that they can be accessed and viewed in both desktop and mobile formats.

Because of this, the Zyro editor lets you preview and edit your website in both desktop and mobile views.

You can toggle between these views using the desktop/mobile view button at the top of the editor.

Can't see the button? It may be because you’re editing on a mobile device, or your desktop browser window is not big enough.

Editing desktop and mobile views separately

There are a few important things to know when editing desktop and mobile views separately:

  • The default view is desktop in the editor. When you start building a Zyro website, a mobile version laid out like the desktop version is created automatically.
  • You can toggle to mobile view and you will see all the same sections and elements.
  • You can rearrange the order, size, and formatting of these sections and elements in the mobile view without affecting the desktop view.
  • Adding new sections or elements to either desktop or mobile view will create the same element or section in the other view.
  • While you can edit the appearance and the layout of the desktop and mobile views separately, they will still share all the same sections and elements.

Why are Zyro websites responsive?

Since half of the internet users browse on mobile devices (a proportion that is growing), it’s important that your website looks its best on both mobile and desktop.

All Zyro websites are responsive and will display beautifully on devices of different sizes automatically.

This ensures that your website always looks its best and avoids errors in its display.

This is important for the experience of your users on your website and means they’re more likely to stay engaged and visit again.

Having a mobile-friendly website is also helpful for improving your rankings in search engine results.

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