You can switch between views by clicking on the mobile or desktop icons in the upper toolbar.

Sort elements

On the mobile view, your website elements are displayed in the order they've been added to the desktop view by default. Even if you, later on, change the order of the elements on the desktop view, these changes are not automatically applied to the mobile view. That's why you need to sort the elements on the mobile view manually. Reorder the elements by drag-and-dropping them. These changes won't affect the desktop view.

Set different styles for text

You can set different font size, weight, line spacing for mobile and desktop. Find more detailed instructions here 👈

Resize elements 👇

Change the gap size between elements 👇

Change the section padding 👇

Set the menu and logo position for mobile and desktop separately 👇

Why are Zyro websites responsive?

Given that over half of all internet users browse on mobile devices (a proportion that is growing), it’s important that your website looks its best both on mobile devices and desktop computers.

All Zyro websites are mobile-responsive and look great on devices of different sizes. This ensures that your website always looks its best and avoids display errors.

This is important for the user experience of your website, meaning that visitors are more likely to stay engaged and visit again. Having a mobile-friendly website is also helpful for improving your rankings in search engine results.

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