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Change text font

1. In the website editor, click on the Styles (the pen icon) button on the left toolbar.

2. Open the Text tab.

3. Choose a preferable pair of fonts or customize them manually by clicking on the Edit text styles button.

4. Choose Headings or Paragraphs and navigation depending on what you'd like to change.

Note: You can check the style of a text element by clicking on a text element and then on the Edit text button. You'll see the current style here (see the image below). You can also upen the Styles settings by expanding that dropdown menu of styles and clicking Change text styles.

Set different text font sizes for desktop and mobile

To set a different font size for the mobile view, follow these steps:

1. First, enable the mobile view.

2. Find the text element that you want to edit. Click on it and select Edit text.

3. Expand the drop-down menu of styles.

4. Click on the Change text styles button.

5. In the Style settings panel on the left, change the Size. It won't change for the desktop version.

Note: You can also customize other text style attributes, such as weight, line height, underline, etc. this way. The changes you make will be applied to all texts of this particular style (e.g. all texts in Heading 1) across the whole website.

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