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Change the text style globally

You can customize the text style (Heading 1, Paragraph 3, etc.) of all your text elements written in that particular style at once.

If you make changes on the desktop mode, they will be applied to all text elements of a particular style on the desktop view. If you make changes on the mobile mode, they will be applied to all text elements of a particular style on the mobile view.

1. Within the editor, expand the Styles section on the left toolbar.

2. Open the Text tab.

3. Choose a preferable pair of fonts from the suggested ones, or customize them manually by clicking on the Edit text styles button.

4. Choose Headings or Paragraphs and navigation depending on what you'd like to change.

5. Make the preferred changes:

This way, you can customize such text style attributes as weight, line height, underline, etc. The changes you make will be applied to all texts of this particular style (e.g., all texts in Heading 1) across the whole website.

Change the text style locally

To change the style of a particular text element:

1. Click on a text element and select Edit text, or just double-click the text to open its settings.

2. Make the changes for that particular text element.

3. If you want to change the style of just some word/phrase within that text element, select the text and make the preferred changes.

Local text size changes that are made on the desktop won't affect the mobile view and vice versa. This way you can style both views – desktop and mobile – individually.

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