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Add a contact form

There are several ways to add contact forms to your website. You can insert:

  • A contact form element;

  • A contact form section;

  • A Contact page.

To add an element, on the left toolbar, click on the Add Elements to open the elements panel. Select the Contact form element, drag, and drop it anywhere on your page.

To add a section, click on the Add section button (this button is in between two adjoining sections). From the left menu, select the Contact form, then choose which preset you want to use and click on it.

To add a page, on the left toolbar, click on the Pages and navigation. Click Add page and select the template of the Contact page.

Edit your contact form

You can resize the form element by dragging the points on its borders - click on the form to see them.

If you click on the Edit form, you'll find the following settings:

General - here you can rename the form. Also, you can view all form submissions.

Fields - allow you to edit or remove existing fields and add new ones. You can select from such options as:

  • Short answer

  • Paragraph

  • Radio buttons (allows selecting one of many choices)

  • Checkboxes (allows selecting several choices)

You can also set particular fields as required.

Button - here you can rename the Submit button, change its position and set an action that takes place once the form is submitted - you can either show a thank-you message or redirect the user to a specific page.

Style - here you can choose a theme, add a background (color or image), and set the padding for your form.

View form submissions

Want to see what messages people have been sending through your contact form?

Navigate to the editor, and click on the form. Click Edit Form, then select View form submissions.

Alternatively, you can find them by opening your website Settings and heading to the Form submissions tab on the left-hand menu.

Email notifications of form submissions

The notifications of form submissions are by default sent to the email associated with your Zyro account.

If you'd like the notifications to arrive at another email, there are two solutions:

  1. You can set up automatic forwarding at your email client (e.g. if you're using Gmail, follow these instructions). The notifications are sent from, so you can also set up a filter and forward only emails coming from

  2. You can contact the Zyro Success team and ask to change your Zyro account email address.

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