Adding a contact form to your website allows your visitors to send you messages.

Add a contact form to any page

  1. Click Add Elements, then click and hold on Contact Form.

  2. Drag it into place and drop it where you want it.

  3. Alternatively, you can also add a form by clicking on Add section and selecting Contact form, then choosing which preset you want to use.

Edit your contact form

  1. Click on the form in the editor.

  2. Reshape and size it by clicking on a corner and moving it to change the form's dimensions.

  3. Click Edit form to change settings.

  4. Under Form settings, you can rename the form.

  5. Under Fields, you can rename the fields, change the placeholder text, or toggle the Field is required bar.

  6. Under Submit, you can set the submit button preferences, like name and position.

  7. Under Layout, you can decide whether you need to have a background or padding for your form.

Check form submissions

Want to see what messages people have been sending through your contact form?

  1. Navigate to the editor, and click on the form.

  2. Click Edit Form, then select View Form Submissions.

  3. Alternatively, you can navigate to your Dashboard, click Settings of the website that has the form on it, and head to the Form submissions tab on the left-hand menu.

Add a contact page

Including a separate contact page on your website makes it even easier for visitors to locate your contact information.

If the template you've chosen doesn’t already have a contact page, here's how you create one:

  1. Click on Pages and navigation drop-down menu

  2. Click on + Add Page.

  3. Choose an existing page to copy as a template or opt for a blank page.

  4. Title the page Contact Us or something similar.

  5. Add whatever contact details you want to share, including address, email, or phone number.

  6. Add a contact form following the instructions above.

Note: The notifications of form submissions are by default sent to the email associated with your Zyro account. You can either contact Zyro support and ask to change your Zyro account email address, or you can set up automatic forwarding at your email account (e.g. if you're using Gmail, you can follow these instructions).

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