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Adding a contact form

There are several ways to add contact forms to your website. You can insert:

  • A contact form element

  • A contact form section

To add a contact form element, expand the Add Elements panel on the left. Find the Contact form element and drag and drop it anywhere on your page:

To add a contact form section, click Add section – you'll see this button on the horizontal border of any section:

From the menu on the left, choose Contact form. Select the preferred section template on the right and click on it:

Edit your contact form

Click on the contact form element to see more options (edit, duplicate, delete):

Click Edit form to open its settings; there are four tabs of them:


  • Rename the form

  • Specify an email address to receive notifications of form submissions

  • View form submissions


  • Add, edit or remove contact form fields

  • Supported field types:

    • short answer

    • paragraph

    • single choice

    • multiple choice

  • Specify required fields


  • Rename the “Submit” button

  • Change the button position

  • Specify what happens once the form is submitted: show a thank-you message or redirect the user to a particular page within your website


Customize the style of the following:

  • Submit button

  • Form fields

  • Background

Viewing contact form submissions

Within the website editor, you can view all the forms that people have been submitting through your contact form.

Expand the Website settings panel on the left and go to Form submissions:

Click View list, and you'll see all submitted contact forms. You can easily export selected forms to a .CSV file and delete the unnecessary ones:

Embedding a third-party contact form

If you've tried our contact form element, but need more features for it, Elfsight is one of many platforms that offer various embeddable widgets, as well as the Contact Form widget

On, you will find a variety of contact form templates. Once you select a template, customize it to your liking:

Once you're finished creating your widget, save it:

Then, click Add to website and copy the integration code:

Paste the code into your website using the embed code element and resize it if necessary. Once you're done, update your website, and voilà!

NOTE: You may be asked to select an Elfsight plan; feel free to choose the free one

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