All Zyro websites are responsive, which means that they automatically resize and reshape the layout of the website depending on what device a visitor is using.

Because there are different ways to view your website, the Zyro editor allows you to preview and edit your website in both a desktop and mobile view.

Switch between mobile and desktop views on a desktop or laptop

If you are in the builder and want to switch from the mobile to desktop view, you simply need to locate the desktop/mobile view button.

Are you are editing your website on a desktop or laptop computer? You can find this button at the top of your screen in the center.

Clicking on the button allows you to toggle between desktop and mobile views.

If the button doesn't work, try refreshing the page. When the page reloads, it should automatically appear in desktop view.

Can’t see the desktop/mobile view button?

If you are editing on a mobile device, or are using a smaller browser window, you will only be able to use mobile view. The desktop/mobile view button will not be visible.

In this case, to edit or preview your website in desktop view:

  • If you are editing on a mobile device, try switching to editing on a desktop or laptop computer with a bigger screen.
  • If you are already using a desktop or laptop, you should increase the size of your browser window until the desktop/mobile view button becomes visible.

Why are Zyro websites responsive to mobile?

Every website or online store built with Zyro is responsive by default.

Here's why:

  • Bigger audience. About half of users on the internet at any given time are using mobile devices like smartphones. So, to make websites accessible to this traffic, they should have a responsive design.
  • User experience. You never know what screen a visitor will be using. That's why having a responsive design is great – it ensures that your website or online store looks its best on every device.
  • Search engine optimization. Mobile optimization is a big factor in deciding your SEO rankings. If you want to appear high up in search results, your website has to be mobile-friendly.
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