Here are the 4 most common issues and their respective solutions if your domain is not working.

1. Your domain and/or web hosting has expired.

If your domain is not working, start by checking that both your domain and your web hosting services haven’t expired.

Solution. Renew your domain registration and/or web hosting services.

2. You just bought your domain.

If you purchased your domain, be aware that it can take up to 3 hours for it to be fully registered and available for you to use.

Solution. Wait at least 3 hours before trying to use your domain.

3. You haven't connected your domain to your Zyro website.

Your domain might not be working if you haven't connected it to your Zyro site.

If you want your Zyro website to be accessible by using a certain domain that you own, you need to connect it to your Zyro site.

You must be a paying Zyro customer to be able to connect a custom domain.

Solution. We have a guide on how to connect a custom domain to your Zyro website.

4. You recently pointed your domain to your Zyro website.

When you point your domain to your Zyro website, it will normally take a few hours for the changes to go live.

Some domain registrars take longer than others. Even if you had your domain for a while, it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to be processed.

Solution. Wait at least 48 hours for your domain to get pointed correctly. If it's still not working, get in touch with our Customer Success team.

5. You're sure your domain hasn't expired, you also connected and pointed it correctly. Still not working!

If you think you tried everything to get your domain to work but it still doesn't, then try clearing your browser cache.

Alternatively, you can use an incognito window of your browser.

Solution: If your domain still doesn't work, get in touch with the Customer Success team – they'll be happy to help.

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