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Why isn't my domain working?
Why isn't my domain working?

Learn about the most common issues with a domain, and how to fix them

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There could be several reasons why your domain isn't working:

Domain registration or verification is incomplete

It can take up to 3 hours for a newly purchased domain to be fully registered and available to use.

It's also important to verify your contact details via the link sent to your email upon domain registration. If you can't find the email, check your spam and junk inboxes. Failure to verify it within 15 days will cause temporary suspension of your domain name. Once suspended, the domain won't work until the email address is verified.

SOLUTION: Make sure that you've verified the contact details via the link sent in an email after your domain registration. You may also check your domain status at WHOIS or contact your domain provider for more information:

The domain isn't connected to a website

Your domain needs to be connected to a website template, which needs to be connected to a Zyro plan:

SOLUTION: Make sure your website template is connected to an active Zyro plan, and connect your domain

The domain isn't pointed to Zyro servers

If you've purchased and registered your domain at Zyro, it is pointed to Zyro servers by default.

However, if your domain is not registered at Zyro, you would need to point a domain to our servers manually.

The domain has been connected to Zyro servers very recently

If you're connecting a domain to a website for the first time (or if you're updating the domain nameservers), it normally takes up to 24 hours for the website to appear online. It takes time because the information about your domain needs to be updated on all servers worldwide.

SOLUTION: Make sure your domain is pointed to Zyro servers and give it some time; if 24 hours have passed, but the domain's still not working, contact us

P.S. You can check what nameservers your domain is currently pointed to in the public domain database WHOIS. Insert your domain there, and you should see the nameservers set to and

Another way to check the domain status is to use the DNS checker tool. Insert your domain there in the format (no www nor https). Select NS and click Search. If you see red crosses, your domain information is still propagating worldwide:

The domain's DNSSEC configuration is enabled

The DNSSEC isn't supported at Zyro yet.

SOLUTION: Log into your domain provider's account and disable your domain's DNSSEC configuration

Domain or hosting plan has expired

If your domain is not working, check if both your domain and website plan haven’t expired.

SOLUTION: Renew your domain or plan. If you need any help with that, contact us

Browser/network cache needs to be cleaned

If you have tried the previous steps to get your domain to work, but it still doesn't, clear your browser's cache.

Alternatively, try to access your website using:

  • Another browser (or its incognito/private browsing mode)

  • Another device (e.g., your mobile, tablet, friend's computer)

  • Another network (if you're trying to access the site using WI-FI, try mobile data and vice versa)

If none of the above-mentioned doesn't help, contact us

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