To cancel your Zyro domain, all you need to do is deactivate the auto-renewal option. In other words, you don’t renew the domain and let it expire; this way it will become available to be re-registered.

Note: Domain renewal settings can only be modified at least 30 days before the domain's expiration date. For example: if your domain expires in 5 days, you wouldn’t be able to turn your domain's auto-renewal on or off.

On the Subscriptions page, find the domain you want to cancel, and toggle the button to turn the subscription auto-renewal off.

If you cancel a domain within 96 hours after its registration, you may also be eligible for a refund. Make sure to get in touch with us, so we could register your request.

Note: Domain cancellations aren’t eligible for a refund after the initial period of 96 hours. Also, keep in mind that some TLDs, mostly country-code TLDs (.eu, .es, .fr, etc.), are non-refundable as per the Refund Policy.

If your domain isn’t eligible for a refund, remember that you are still the owner until the expiry date. You can always transfer it to another platform or sell it on

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