The price of a regular domain starts from $0.99.

This is the annual price. The domain must be renewed after the duration for which you bought it ends.

On average, a regular domain for a small business costs around $10-$15.

The price of a domain depends on:

  1. How popular it is; if many other people are looking to buy it, it could drive up the price.

  2. Its availability, as many domains are already taken. You bet that the domain is taken; it was sold for $3 million.

  3. The platform you register your domain at. Different domain registrars have their own pricing and extra fees for services such as privacy protection, business email, and web hosting.

  4. The top-level domain (the .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc. bit at the end of your web address) will also affect the price of your domain.

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Get a domain for free

Zyro offers a free domain for 1 year if you purchase any yearly plan – learn how to claim it.

Note: After the first year, the domain will renew at our regular price.

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