A favicon is an icon that's displayed in the browser tab. Don't have a favicon? Get one in a jiffy using Zyro's Favicon Generator!

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Adding a favicon

You can change your website’s favicon through your dashboard.

1. Go to the website Settings → General settings.

2. Select Favicon and click Browse files to upload your image.

Note: The recommended favicon size is 16 × 16 / 32 × 32 / 64 × 64 PX.

3. Then, click Save changes and update your website.

Troubleshoot a favicon

Keep in mind that it may take some time for the favicon to be updated. However, make sure that:

  • The uploaded file is not too large: the maximum file size is 1 MB.

  • You uploaded the file in the supported format: .ico, .svg, .png, .jpg.

  • The editor isn’t open in multiple browser tabs/devices simultaneously.

We also recommend to:

  • Update your website again.

  • Clear the browser's cache.

  • Check if the favicon's there, accessing the website via incognito mode/private browsing window.

  • Open the website using another device (e.g., your smartphone, tablet, friend's PC).

  • Open the website using different networks (try Wi-Fi instead of mobile data).

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