There are several ways to upload a video to your website. You can use:

Video elements

1. In the website editor, click Add element on the left.

2. Select the video element and drag it to the desired place on your page. Or just click on the video element, and it'll be automatically inserted in the active (selected) section.

3. Click the video element and hit Edit video to make more changes.

  • In the General settings tab, you can add a URL link to your video. Currently, YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported, so your video should be first uploaded to any of those platforms. In this tab, you will also find such settings as Autoplay, Loop, Show video controls.

  • In the Layout settings tab, you'll be able to edit element padding.

The changes are saved automatically ✅

Embed code elements

1. Upload your video to Google Drive or any other cloud file storage.

2. Get an iframe code for that video. For Google Drive, follow these instructions.

3. Embed your video's iframe code using the embed code element as described here.

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