How to Add Videos

Learn how to upload a video to your website

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You can add videos to your website by using two types of elements:

Video element

Within the editor, expand the Add elements panel on the left. Select the video element, and drag and drop it anywhere on your website:

Click on the element to see more options (edit, duplicate, delete, resize):

Click Edit video to make more changes:

  • Add the video link: currently, the video element supports YouTube and Vimeo videos, so your video should be first uploaded to any of those platforms

  • Toggle other settings: autoplay, loop, show video controls


  • If the option Show video controls is disabled, Vimeo videos won't play on mobile devices; to play Vimeo videos on mobile devices, enable the options Show video controls or Autoplay

Troubleshoot unavailable YouTube videos

If your YT video is unavailable, it's most likely because you use a shortened YouTube URL, e.g.,

To fix it, change the beginning of the URL to this: For example:


Embed Code Element

With the help of the embed code element, you can display any kind of video on your website: all you need to do is have an iFrame code of the video.

For example, to add a video from your local device, follow these steps:

1. Upload your video to Google Drive or any other cloud file storage.

2. Get an iframe code for that video. For Google Drive, follow these instructions.

3. Add an embed code element to your page and insert the iFrame code:


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