• The maximum image size is 15 MB.

  • You can use any image format (.JPG, .PNG, .SVG and so on).

The bigger the picture, the better! If anything, we'll automatically optimize your pictures behind the scenes for the best website performance.

Don't forget to try out different settings – you can fill or fit an image within the element. You can also resize an image element itself by dragging the dots on its borders. Learn more about it here💡

Follow these steps to add images to your website:

1. In the editor, find the Add elements button on the left toolbar. Drag and drop the Image element to where you need it to be on your web page.

2. Select the image element by clicking on it, then click on the Change image button.

3. Click on the Replace image button and upload your own image, or pick one from the free image gallery. Add Alt text to comply with the best search engine practices.

4. In the Style tab, you can change the Image position to fill or fit it within the element block. You can also make an image round by changing the radius of its border.

5. In the Action tab, you can set to open a full-screen preview on click or open a link to:

  • Any external page

  • Another page on your website

  • Email address

  • Phone number

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