Choose the best option to take your website down:

  1. Disconnect the domain and reconnect it once you're ready to publish your website.

  2. Delete the published template and continue working on its backup copy.

  3. Create a landing page and hide the rest of the pages you're still working on. Note: If you hide pages, they will still be accessible via URL links and in search engines. If you want those pages to be hidden from search engines, go to your SEO settings, toggle the button Hide page from search results and update your website.

Disconnect the domain

To disconnect the domain, go to the site Settings Domain, and click Disconnect domain.

Delete the published website template

If you delete a published website template, it will go offline. However, all of your content will be lost this way, unless you generate a copy of the website template before deleting it:

  1. In your Dashboard, hover over the thumbnail of the website that you wish to unpublish (delete) and click on the settings wheel.

  2. Click Duplicate site. You will then have two versions of your website, a published one and a not published one.

  3. Delete the original (published) website that you wanted to unpublish, and keep working on the backup copy.

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