You may use this tool for verifying your website or domain for one or another third-party service or platform, e.g. Google Search Console, Facebook, AdSense, Paysera, and the like.

Insert custom code into the <head>

1. In your website Settings, head to Integrations.

2. There is special field that allows pasting a custom code in the <head></head> part of your website’s code. The supported tags currently are <script>, <link>, <meta>, and <style>.

3. After pasting the code in this field, don’t forget to open the editor and update the website.

Note: If your script includes tags Zyro doesn’t support yet, the script won't work as expected, yet - don’t worry, we will eventually support more and more of them! Keep track of new features through Zyro's Roadmap.


You can inspect your website to see if the custom script is really pushed to your website's code.

3.1. Access your website online

3.2. Inspect your website (Elements tab)

3.3. Copy a segment of the code that you've pasted in the Integrations field

3.4. Search for the segment of the code in the website's code: click anywhere on the code in the Inspect tool > click CTRL+F or CMD+F > paste the snippet of code and hit enter to search.

P.S. if you're having trouble inspecting your website, feel free to reach out to Zyro Customer Support, and they'll help you out ☀️

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