With the help of custom code, you can connect third-party integrations or verify the ownership of your website/domain for various services and platforms, e.g., Google Search Console, Facebook, AdSense, Paysera, and the like:

Adding a custom code into the <head></head> part of your website's code

1. Within the editor, open the website's integrations settings.

2. Find the Custom code field and insert your code there:

3. Save the changes, and update your website.


  • In the Custom code field, you can paste there as many codes as you need, simply paste one below another (don't paste a code in the middle of another code)

  • If you'd like to add a custom code to the <body></body> part of your website's code, use the embed code element

  • Remember that any extra code directly affects loading speed, thus it's recommended to add only the most necessary integrations


First, make sure that you've inserted the correct script and updated your website. Updating your website is necessary to push the newly added script to your website's source code.

If you've done everything right, contact us for help ✉️

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