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How to Connect Google Tag Manager
How to Connect Google Tag Manager

Connecting Google Tag Manager to your Zyro website

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Integrating Google Tag Manager (GTM) into your website is relatively straightforward!

For tracking scripts to work properly, make sure that a cookie banner is enabled on your website 💡

Connect GTM to Your Website

Within the builder, access the integrations settings, find the Google Tag Manager field, and insert your Container ID there:

Inserting the Google Tag Manager container ID in a website's integrations settings

Save the changes and update your website.

Find Your GTM Container ID

1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.

2. You'll see the Container ID which consists of GTM- and some letters or numbers – that’s the ID you need to paste in your website's integrations settings:

Google Tag Manager Container ID

Check if GTM Is Connected Successfully

Method 1 – View Source Code

Open your website in a browser, right-click anywhere on the page, and select View page source:

Viewing page source code

Use the search command (CTRL+F / CMD+F) and look for your GTM Container ID:

Viewing page source code

If you can see the ID, it means the integration has been successfully added to your site.

Method 2 – Use Google Tag Assistant

1. Install the Chrome extension called Google Tag Assistant.

2. Open your website in Chrome.

3. Click on the extension, select the wanted tags (check/uncheck the boxes), select if you want to validate selected pages or all pages, and click Done:

4. Then, click Enable and reload the page:

5. Click on the extension again to see the results:

To learn more, check out the Beginners Guide to Google Tag Manager.

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