If you’re happy with the content of your current website, but want to move it all to a Zyro website, you can use our Page importer tool.

You can use it to import content from another Zyro website or from a different website building platform altogether.

Moving content from one Zyro template to another

If you want to use a new template, you can import the content from your existing published template to the new one by using the page importer tool:

  • Click Create New Website

  • Choose a new template, hover on the thumbnail, and click Start Building

  • Within the builder, click on the AI Tools button and select Page importer

  • Add the URL of the page you want to import to your website and click on Import page

  • The imported page will appear as a new page under the Pages and navigation menu – learn how to manage your web pages here.

Tip: When using the page importer for changing templates, remember that the original template (the one you want to transfer the content from) must be published. That's because the page importer needs a live domain to work.

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