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Can I transfer my website to Zyro?
Can I transfer my website to Zyro?

Find out how to move your website from another platform to Zyro

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Due to the unique architecture of the Zyro builder, it is currently not possible to import the whole website from another platform. Don't worry, though – recreating your webpage with us is easy and enjoyable:

How to start

Start with selecting a website template. We offer dozens of templates to help you start building your website. The whole process is based on easy drag-and-drop editing and requires no coding skills. You can choose a predesigned website template or start from scratch with a blank template.

If you struggle to find a specific website template for your niche, don't worry – all templates are fully customizable. You also don't have to stick to the template categories: if you're willing to unleash your creativity, you can create any kind of website using any kind of template!

Once you've decided on your website template, connect it to a Zyro plan, and finally publish your website!

Update your website's settings

When you re-create your website using another platform, it's recommended to double-check your website's settings:

  • General settings: add a favicon, upload preview images for your pages, enable a cookie banner

  • Integrations settings: connect in-built integrations and integrate custom third-party widgets of your liking

  • SEO settings: update meta titles and descriptions of your pages, double-check their URLs, add alt text to images

  • DNS settings: after connecting a domain to your website, make sure all necessary DNS records are there; otherwise, your website or email service may not work as expected

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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