Integrations are tools that you can connect to your Zyro website to improve its performance or add features to it.

They are designed to make it easier for you to connect with your visitors, understand their behavior, track your traffic, and optimize your website for conversions.

Here at Zyro, we're always adding new integrations to make your website even more powerful.

Zyro's Integrations

Users who have subscribed to the Unleashed, eCommerce, or eCommerce+ plans will get access to all of the following integrations.

Google Analytics

Get detailed data and easy-to-understand charts that show you where your traffic is coming from and how your customers are behaving.


Generate heatmaps for your important pages to show where visitors’ attention is drawn. Use this information to optimize your page design.

Facebook Pixel

Get insights into how your Facebook ads are performing and target visitors with personalized ads that are tailored to their interests.

Messenger Live Chat

Add a chat window to your website and allow visitors to connect with your directly. Capture contact information and respond later.

Google Tag Manager

Add Google tags to your pages to get detailed information on visitor behavior. Track conversions, view actions taken, and optimize your website.

Connect Zyro integrations

To add integrations to your website, simply:

  • In your Dashboard, hover over the thumbnail of the website you want to add an integration to and click on Settings

  • Click on the Integrations tab in the menu on the left

  • Find the integration you want to use and expand it by clicking on the down-arrow

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the integration

eCommerce Integrations

If you have an online store that you run via Zyro, you'll get access to dozens of eCommerce-specific integrations.

Your online store comes with automatic access to integrations like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, and Kliken to make marketing and reporting easier.

You can access integrations that let you sell products on Instagram and Amazon.

You'll also have access to the eCommerce App Market, where you can download and connect tons of other helpful apps and integrations.

Pro tip: Remember to update your website every time any code is added to, edited, or removed from your website.

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