The Facebook pixel is an integration that helps with Facebook marketing. It will collect data about the traffic and conversions that come from your website. This integration can help you improve your ads, create more clearly defined target audiences, and retarget users who have shown interest in your business before.

Before you begin, make sure that: your website is published, and your Facebook page is public. To check it, log out of Facebook, and then visit your Facebook page. If you can still see all the posts, your page is public. You can also check it on your Facebook page Settings → General → Page visibility. It should say Page published.

Note: To create a Facebook pixel, you need a Facebook page (a personal Facebook profile is not enough).

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Create a Facebook pixel

1. In your Facebook Business Manager, go to Settings and click on More Business settings.

2. Click Data Sources and select Pixels.

3. Click the Add button.

4. Type in a name for your pixel, enter your website's link and click Continue.

5. Click Continue managing my business.

You will see your FB pixel ID here (see the image below) – use this ID to integrate your FB pixel to your Zyro website.

Learn more: How to create a Facebook pixel in Business Manager

Add a Facebook pixel to your Zyro website

1. Find and copy your pixel's ID in your Events Manager. You can find it:

  • Under your pixels' title

  • Within the pixel's Settings

2. Within your website's editor, open the integrations settings.

3. In the Facebook Pixel field, insert your Facebook Pixel ID, and save the changes.

4. Finally, update your website.

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