How to connect Facebook pixel

Learn how to connect Facebook pixel to your website

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Facebook pixel integration helps with marketing: it collects data about the traffic and conversions that come from your website. This tool can be useful for improving your ads, creating more clearly defined target audiences, and retargeting users who have shown interest in your business before.

To create a Facebook pixel, you need a Facebook page (a personal Facebook profile is not enough). Before you begin, make sure that your website is published and your Facebook page is public.

NOTE: For tracking scripts to work properly, make sure that a cookie banner is enabled on your website

Create Facebook pixel

1. In your Facebook Business Manager, go to Settings and click on More Business settings:

2. Go to Data SourcesPixels and click Add:

3. Insert your pixel name, your website's link, and click Continue:

4. Click Continue managing my business:

Once you do that, simply copy the pixel ID and add it to your website's integrations settings as described below.

Connect Facebook pixel to your website

1. Find and copy your pixel's ID in your Events Manager. You can find it under your pixel's title or in the pixel's settings:

2. In the website builder, open the integrations settings. Find the Facebook Pixel field, and insert your Facebook Pixel ID there:

3. Save the changes and update your website.

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