At Zyro we take care of a lot of the SEO features such as the website speed and sitemaps. However, there are a few things you can do yourself to boost your search engine rankings.

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How to access SEO settings

You can access the SEO settings within your website's editor.

Here you can:

Meta titles and descriptions of your pages

Meta titles and descriptions are shown in the search results. The titles and descriptions should be clear and concise pieces of information about what exactly users can expect to find on your pages.

1. Within your website's editor, access the SEO settings.

2. Find the page you want to edit and enter its meta title and description. Note: The title length should be up to 60 symbols (spaces included) and the description length should be up to 160 symbols (spaces included).

3. Save the changes and update your website.

Troubleshoot meta titles and descriptions

If you can't see the page titles updated in the browser tabs online, follow these steps to troubleshoot it:

  • Make sure to update your website.

  • Clear the browser's cache.

  • Check the website using an incognito/private browsing window.

  • Open the website using another device (e.g., your smartphone, tablet, or friend's PC).

  • Open the website using different networks (try Wi-Fi instead of mobile data or vice versa).

  • If the above doesn't help, get in touch with the Zyro Success Team.

Keep in mind that it takes from 7 days to 4 weeks for these changes to be reflected in the Google search results. However, you can speed it up by using Google Search Console — learn more about it here 💡

Additional resources

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