Zyro has dozens of designer-created templates to help you start building your website. You can also start with a blank template or let the AI generate one for you.

If you choose to select from already predesigned templates, you can browse all templates together under the All websites category, or check a more specific kind of websites under eCommerce, Services, Photography, and the like.

Hover over the templates and click Preview to see how your website would look with a given template, or click Start Building to start building your website.

If you struggle to find a specific template for your niche, don't worry – all Zyro templates are fully customizable. You can remove all the irrelevant content, add new pages, sections, elements, change colors, fonts, positioning, and so on! 🎨

You also don't have to stick to the template categories, as you can create a blog or a portfolio using an e-commerce template and vice versa.

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