Does the description of your website come up as ‘This site was created with Zyro…’ in Google search results?

Then you should update meta titles and descriptions for each of your web pages. You can find all the meta fields for your pages under your website's SEO settings.

You can learn all about our SEO tools in this article, including how to update meta titles and descriptions of your web pages.

Keep in mind that even though you've changed your site's title and description, it takes up to 4 weeks for Google to crawl and index the changes. But you can speed it up this way 🚀

You can also check how your meta title and descriptions are visible in the source code of your website. Visit your live website, right-click your mouse anywhere on the page and select View Page Source.

Use Control+F (or Command+F) to search for any keywords you included in the meta descriptions of your pages, and you should see them highlighted in the page code.

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