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What is a business email?

A business email or a custom domain email refers to an email address that's linked to a domain name, for example, or

A professional email address is a vital tool for ensuring the credibility and trustworthiness of your business, as well as attracting new customers, and, of course, adding the final touches to your branding.

A custom email can even prevent your emails from landing in your clients' spam folders 💡

Setting up a business email at Zyro

If you just purchased a plan from Zyro, don't forget to claim your free 3-month email trial. You can do it by heading to the Mail tab in your dashboard and clicking on the Claim free trial button:

Next, connect a domain you already own or purchase a new one to set up your email.

Once you have chosen your domain and the setup process is finished, click on Manage account.

You can now create email accounts (mailboxes) by clicking on the Create new email account button and following the instructions on the screen:

Note: You can have up to 10 mailboxes per domain. Each mailbox will have 10 GB of email storage.

I can't claim a free email trial

If by any chance you cannot find an option to claim a free email trial at Zyro, please contact the Zyro Customer Support team, and they will help you out.

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