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How to create a subdomain
How to create a subdomain

Learn how to create a subdomain

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A subdomain is a secondary domain that's part of the main domain. For example:

  • is a domain

  • is a subdomain

  • is a subdomain

NOTE: To host a subdomain at Zyro, you'll need an additional Zyro subscription (you need one plan for each domain or subdomain)

Subdomains are created in the domain's DNS zone. The domain nameservers always indicate where the domain's DNS zone is managed from. Learn more: How to find your domain

If your domain's DNS zone is at Zyro, here's how you create a subdomain:

1. Log into your Zyro account.

2. Go to the Domains page and click Manage domain:

3. Expand the DNS records section, click Add record and create a CNAME record following the example below:

  • Type: CNAME

  • Name: your preferred subdomain name (e.g., about – this way, the result would be

  • Target:

  • TTL: leave the default value

Remember to save the changes.

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