Note: The below-given information is relevant for merchants with Online Store and Advanced Store plans 💡

Using price modifiers

Price modifiers are useful when you need to increase or decrease the price of your product, depending on different options.

Let's say you have priced a normal shirt at $20, and want to sell an organic cotton version of the same shirt at $25.

With price modifiers, when a customer selects the organic cotton version, the price updates automatically on the product page.

You can use price modifiers with the drop-down, checkbox, and radio-buttons option types.

Adding price modifiers

1. In your store manager, go to CatalogProducts.

2. Select the product page you want to edit by clicking on the product.

3. Go to the Options tab. Price modifiers are displayed next to your product options.

4. Choose whether the price modification adjusts the price for a fixed amount or as a percentage. Don't forget to save your changes.

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