Pointing your domain to Zyro via CNAME records is a simple copy and paste job.

1. Go to the DNS zone of your domain provider

Navigate to your domain provider's DNS zone.

It's usually a tab or a menu item that you can click on on your domain provider's dashboard – the main screen once you log in.

2. Delete '@' and 'www' A (Host) records

Under the A (Host) section of your DNS zone (your screen might look different), locate any records with '@' or 'www' in the Host column and remove them.

In the screenshot above, there is only one '@' record present, so you'd click to remove that and save the changes.

There might not be any '@' or 'www' records to remove under your A (Host) records – that's OK.

3. Add the following CNAME records

Within the DNS zone, there will also be a CNAME (Alias) or a very similarly called section.

There might be no records present in the Host column or there might be many.

Your job is to make sure that the following 2 CNAME (Alias) records are there and are set as follows:

  1. Host: @
    Points to: connect.zyrosite.com
  2. Host: www
    Points to: connect.zyrosite.com

You will most likely need to hover your mouse above the record to access the Edit function. You will probably need to tap the record if you're on your mobile.

If the record is already there in the Host column, you'll need to edit the Points to column only.

If the record isn't there at all (there is no '@' or 'www' in the Host column), you'll need to click to Add new record and point it to connect.zyrosite.com.

You don't need to worry about the TTL column, so leave it at its default setting.

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