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Editing product details

To edit and view product details, head to your Online store settings, click on Catalog, and then Products.

Next, select the product you want to edit.

Product name and description

The product name is the title of your product. Make it descriptive and true to what you're selling.

The product description field is used to give the visitor more information about the product.

Use this section of the product details page to highlight the product's features and include important information about sizing, materials, colors, and so on.

Make your product descriptions great with these tips:

  • Use simple language and short sentences

  • Add product demo videos to your descriptions, so that your customers can get a good idea of what you're selling

  • Make your description skimmable and easy to glance over

Product images

Product images show potential buyers how the product looks like.

Improve your product photography with these tips:

  • Your product images should look good next to other products that you're selling

  • The better the quality, the better

  • Include both studio- and outdoor images


You can toggle the retail price of your product here.

Tax and shipping

To toggle taxes and shipping, head to the Tax and Shipping tab.

This product requires shipping or pickup option to determine whether the product needs to be shipped or not. Only uncheck this section when you're selling digital products or services, or something else that doesn't require shipping.

In order to calculate the correct automatic shipping rates, make sure that you enter the product's actual weight under the Weight and Dimensions section.

You can toggle the shipping rates for your product under the Shipping Rates section. Choose from the following options:

  • Use global rates

  • Specify shipping methods for this product

  • Fixed rate per item

  • Free shipping


You can manage the inventory of your product under the General tab.

Enter your own or the manufacturer's stock-keeping unit number in the SKU field. If left empty, it will be automatically generated.

Toggle the availability of your product under the Availability section. When enabled, your product is visible for visitors, and when disabled, nobody viewing your store can see it.

Use the Stock Control section to manage the number of products you have available. You can set up low stock notifications here too.

Product attributes

Product attributes are used to add specific identifiers to your product for accounting, inventory, or other purposes.

You can manage the product attributes under the Attributes tab.

Product options and variations

Manage different product options (size, colors, gift wrapping, file upload, and so on) under the Options tab. To learn all about product options, visit this page.

You can also manage product variations here. For more information on product variations, head over here.

Digital files

If you're selling downloadable products (eBooks, videos, music, digital art, and so on), you can manage the available files from the Files tab.

If you're selling physical products, you can use this section to add instruction manuals and other downloadable post-purchase content.


Manage your product's meta title and meta description under the SEO tab. Use the search engine preview to see how your content looks in the search results.

Use the Related Products section to display other products that the visitor might be interested in.

Product categories

Product categories help customers to navigate through your store. You can view and edit the product categories in the General tab, under the field for product description.

You can manage your categories under the main Categories section in your store dashboard.

For more information, see Product categories.

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