Note: The below-given instructions are relevant for stores built with Online Store and Advanced store plans. Learn about selling digital products with Business plans here 💡

In addition to physical products and services, you can sell downloadable items such as e-books, photos, music, video tutorials, etc. When you add a product to your store, you can upload a file that will be delivered to customers automatically via unique download links after they make a purchase. You can add as many files per product as you need; every file can be up to 25 GB.

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Add a digital product

There is no limit to how many files can be attached to a downloadable product.

1. In your store manager, go to Catalog → Products.

2. Click a product to edit or create a new one.

3. In the General tab of the product settings, untick the option Requires shipping or pickup.

4. Open the Files tab. Click Upload filesChoose file and select the file on your computer. Click the plus symbol (+) to add more files if necessary.

5. Click Upload Files.

6. Enter the file description.

7. Save the changes.

Make sure the Download e-goods notification is enabled in your store manager's Settings → Notifications. Otherwise, your customers will not receive any links to download the files.

Note: Customers in the EU must pay VAT on digital products at the rate applicable in their own country, regardless of where the seller is located.

Manage downloadable links

You can disable a link for any order, or generate a new link if your customer forgot to download the file before the link expired.

1. In your store manager, go to My Sales → Orders.

2. Find the order in question and open its details.

3. Click Change and choose the necessary action:

If you renew a download link, your customer will receive an additional “Files ready for download” email that will contain a new download link.

If you disable a download link, it will expire immediately. When your customers click on an expired link, they will be redirected to an error page (“No more downloads are allowed”).

Offer digital products for free

You can share sample files or provide docs with instructions on how to use other products in your store. There are two ways to offer digital goods for free.

Create a product with zero price

Your customers can add this product to the cart, place an order, and get the downloadable links without paying anything. You can even automatically mark the orders containing only a free product as paid, so your customer can instantly receive the download link. To do so, in your store manager, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout → Checkout settings and set the Default payment status for orders with zero total as Paid.

Attach a file by adding a download link directly to the product description

This way, your customer doesn't have to place an order – they can download the file right from the product page. To do so, first, upload your file to any hosting service, e.g., SaberCat or Google Drive. Then, add a link to this file in your product description. Keep in mind that this option won't let you see the downloads in the orders list.

Download the product as a customer

Your customer will automatically receive the download link for the ordered product as soon as the order status is Paid. The download link is displayed right on the “Thank you for your order page” if their order is paid online.


Buyers also get the “Files ready for download” email with the download links.


Besides, the download links for ordered products are available to buyers in their customer accounts in your store.



How can I edit the email with the download links?

You can edit the “Download e-goods” email template at the store manager's Settings → Notifications.

What if a customer's download is interrupted?

If your customer has any connectivity issues, the file will automatically continue its download once the connection is reestablished. However, this only works if you do not limit the number of downloads.

Can I sell both digital and non-digital variations of a product?

It is not possible to use product options in combination with digital downloads. However, you can add digital and non-digital product versions as separate products. Then, you would upload a file to the digital product only, and relate both products to each other. On the product page, customers will see that the product is available in another version, too, and can choose the preferred one.

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