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You can view and manage all your orders under the Orders section under My Sales settings of your store.

Here, you have access to all order details (payment and shipping information, contact information, and so on), and can search and filter the different types of orders.

You also get notified of new orders via email or push notification on your phone.

After an order has been placed, you need to first review the order.

If the order isn't missing any information and has been paid, you need to fulfill it and get it ready for shipping.

Usually, this means packing the product and sorting out shipping.

Once you've shipped the order, it's good practice to add the tracking number to the order. This way your customer can follow their order.

Order status

What you need to do

1. Order has been placed.

Review the order.

2. Order has been paid.

Fulfill the order.

3. Order has been shipped.

Add the tracking number to the order (optional but recommended).

New orders

When someone places an order on your store:

  • You receive a new order notification by email. If you're using the store app, you will also get a new order mobile push notification.

  • The new order will be visible on the Orders page of your store.

  • The customer receives an order confirmation email.

Reviewing orders

You can review all orders on the Orders page of your store.

It's good practice to review all new orders before you start processing and fulfilling them.

Check that you’ve received the payment for the order and that all other order details look OK.

All orders include the following information:

  • Order number

  • Date and time for when the order was placed

  • Payment and shipping status

  • Admin order notes

  • Items included in the order

  • Quantities of the items

  • Customer's email

  • Selected shipping method

  • Payment details

  • Shipping address

  • Customer order comments

  • Shipping costs

  • Handling fee

  • Tax

  • Any discounts

  • Subtotal

  • Order total

Payment statuses

A Paid order status means that your customer selected an online payment option and the payment was successfully processed.

A Cancelled order status means that the order was cancelled by the customer.

A Refunded order status means that the store admin has refunded the customer the order value in full.

A Partially Refunded order status means that the store admin has refunded a part of the order value to the customer.

An Awaiting payment order status can mean a couple of things:

  1. Your customer selected an offline payment method. You need to contact them to arrange how they will pay for their order.

  2. Your customer’s online payment was not processed. On the order details page, the Payment details section provides a detailed summary of the payment and should include a reason for the failed payment. You need to inform the customer and see if they can use an alternative online payment method, instead.

In both cases, after you have received the payment from the customer, you can change the order status to Paid and start fulfilling the order.

Fulfilling orders

Once the payment has been confirmed, it's time to prepare the order for shipping.

This process is commonly called order fulfillment, and it covers the process of reviewing the order and preparing it for shipping.

Fulfillment statuses

When an order is Awaiting Processing, it means that the fulfillment process hasn't yet started.

Once you start preparing the order for shipping, you should change fulfillment stats to Processing.

The order should be marked as Shipped after a courier has picked the order.

Once the parcel has reached your customer, the fulfillment status should be updated to Delivered.

If for any reason the courier was unable to deliver the parcel and it gets returned to you, mark the fulfillment status as Will Not Deliver.

And if the customer returns the parcel, the fulfillment status should be Returned.

Tip: There is no Save button on the Orders page. Once you mark the order fulfillment status as Shipped, your customer will automatically receive a shipping notification email.

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