Note: The below-given information is relevant for merchants with Online Store and Advanced Store plans💡

Generating tax invoices

Your store has a default invoice template – you can preview and edit it by heading to Settings and then clicking on the Invoice settings.

You can get a copy of any order invoice like this:

1. Head to My Sales settings and click on Orders.

2. Select the order from the list and click on Print Order.

3. Save the invoice as a PDF from the print dialog.

Tip: Enable invoice attachments to order confirmations under the Invoice settings. This way you can deliver copies of order invoices to your customers automatically.

Displaying the VAT ID on the order invoice

1. Head to tax settings by clicking on General settings, and then choose Invoice.

2. Click on Edit under the Taxpayer identification number section.

3. Add your VAT ID in the editable section. Don't forget to save your changes. Your VAT ID will now be included in your customer invoices as well as in the footer of all email notifications sent to your customers.

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