Note: The below-given instructions apply to e-stores created with Online Store (legacy) and Advanced Store plans. In some locales (e.g., FR, PL, LT), Advanced Store plans are only available to clients who’ve purchased them before July 5th, 2022. These plans have been replaced with the Business plan – learn more about it here! 💡

You might want to allow offline (manual) payment methods if you:

  • Offer cash payments on delivery

  • Accept checks or bank transfers as valid forms of payment

  • Accept phone and mail orders

Your online store won't charge transaction fees for orders that accept manual payments.

All orders purchased with manual payment options are automatically marked as Awaiting Payment.

Setting up manual payments

1. In your store manager, go to Payment settings.

2. Under the Manual payment methods section, click on Add Manual Payment Method.

3. Enter a name for the manual payment method, and add payment instructions for customers if necessary. Save your changes.

4. Make sure your new payment method is enabled on the main Payment settings page.

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