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Customer notifications are emails that customers automatically receive from your store in such cases:

  • The client has successfully placed an order.

  • You have changed the client's order status.

  • The digital files your client bought are ready to be downloaded, etc.

You can manage customer email notifications in your Store Manager → Settings → Notifications. Here you can:

  • Choose which customer notifications to send.

  • Choose which customer notifications to disable.

  • Set the store name and email address that customers will see in the emails sent from your store.

  • Upload your logo.

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Enable/disable customer notifications

By default, all customer email notifications are enabled in the store. You can change that in your Store Manager Settings → Notifications → Customer notifications settings.

You can choose what emails to send / not to send to your customers. For example, if you change order statuses to keep track of order processing for yourself and don’t want the customers to see these updates, you can disable “Order status changed” notifications and keep only “Order shipped”.

To enable or disable customer notifications:

  1. From your Store Manager, go to Settings → Notifications.

  2. Find the Customer notifications settings.

  3. Click on the toggle on the right to disable notifications that you don’t want to send.

You can re-enable customer notifications at any time.

Change the "From" email address and store name

You can specify what email address customers will see as “from” address when they receive notifications from your store.

  1. From your Store Manager, go to Settings → Notifications.

  2. Scroll down to the Sender’s name and email address.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. In the From Name field, put the store name that you want customers to see when they receive your emails.

  5. In the Store email field, specify which email address you want customers to see as the “from” address.

  6. Save changes.

The specified email address will show as the “from” address for new email notifications sent from your store.

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