Note: The below-given information is relevant for merchants with Online Store and Advanced Store plans 💡

Whenever a product is low in stock, you receive a low stock notification. This way, you can order more inventory and keep selling.

Enabling Low Stock notifications

1. In Online store settings, click on Catalog and then Products.

2. Select the product you want to receive low stock notifications from.

3. Under Stock Control settings, click on Manage.

4. Specify when you should receive a low stock notification by entering a number of items that should be in stock (for example, in this example you'll receive a low stock notification when there are only 5 items left of this product). Don't forget to save your changes.

Editing the Low Stock message template

1. In your Online Store settings, go to Settings and then Mail settings.

2. Under Admin notifications, click on Edit next to the Low Stock Notification section.

3. Edit the HTML code in the email template. Don't forget to save your changes.

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