Stripe is an online payment gateway that allows you to accept and manage credit and debit card payments in over 40 countries.

Note: Depending on where you are in the world, Stripe may operate certain restrictions on some fields of business.

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Setting up Stripe with Online Store or Advanced Store plans

In your store manager, go to the Payment settings. There, in the Add new payment methods section, select Connect with Stripe, and you will be redirected to the Stripe website.

Sign in to your Stripe account or create a new one. Follow the instructions on the Stripe page to complete the setup. Once you're done, you'll be redirected back to your Zyro store settings. Your Stripe account is now connected to your online store.

Note: When a customer pays with Stripe, the money will go to your Stripe account. You can find the transaction ID in your store manager's My Sales → Orders: click on an order to see its payment details. Clicking on the transaction link will redirect you to your Stripe account for more information.

Recurring payments with Stripe

With Advanced Store plans, you can sell subscriptions and accept recurring payments for one or more items. With recurring subscriptions, you can sell food, cosmetics, subscription boxes, memberships, accept donations, and more 🎉

How do recurring subscriptions work?

You can sell products on subscription daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Customers can have more than one subscription in your store.

A price and a subscription period will be shown in your storefront. The period is displayed for subscription items only. If an item has an option for a one-time purchase, a subscription period will be displayed in the product details.

To enable subscriptions in your store, firstly add the Stripe payment method. After that, your clients can pay with debit and credit cards. Once they subscribe to your product, they will be charged automatically according to the subscription period. Customers can manage subscriptions in the customer account — cancel it or change payment details.

If you change the price of the subscription, new customers will be charged the new price. The price won't change for the customers who subscribed before the price change.

Once an order is made, you will receive an email with subscription details. Every time a customer is charged for a subscription, you will receive an email and a new order will be placed automatically. You will also receive an email if the subscription is canceled or if there is an issue with the payment.

You can check and manage subscriptions in the Store Manager → My sales → Subscriptions.

Adding recurring subscriptions to your store

To start selling your items regularly, you need to enable the subscription option in your store and add products with subscription pricing. Before you proceed with setup, make sure that your store meets the requirements:

  • You've connected Stripe payment method.

  • You've included rules for using recurring subscriptions in your store’s Terms & Conditions. Make sure to enclose information about payment terms, non-refundable items or fees, restrictions on use, termination of subscriptions, etc. You can learn more about it here.

To add a subscription to your store:

  1. In your Store Manager, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout → Subscriptions → Allow subscriptions → Save.

  2. Click on Create subscription product.

  3. Create a new product or select the existing one you want to sell with recurring payments.

  4. In the product's Pricing settings, click on Manage pricing options → Sell as subscription and turn on the toggle.

  5. A Billing period field will appear. Click on the dropdown menu to select how often you want to charge your customers for this product.

  6. Tick the Allow one-time purchase for this product box, so your customers can choose between one-time purchase and subscription. Otherwise, they can only buy a product with a subscription.

  7. Click Save.

Done! Now your customers can subscribe to your products. With every new charge, your inventory will be updated automatically.

Managing subscriptions

You can check all recurring subscriptions in My Sales → Subscriptions. You will see all subscriptions your store ever had.

Contacting customers

In case you need to specify the delivery address or clarify subscription details, you can always contact your customer in person via email. To find your customer’s email or phone, go to My Sales → Subscriptions, find the subscription you have issues with, and look up the email of a customer to contact them.

Editing automated emails

Customers who subscribe to your products can receive automated emails if payment confirmation is required, if a charge has failed, or if the subscription is canceled.

You can edit the email templates for these automated emails — change the appearance and texts. For instance, change the font color to your brand’s colors, change the paragraph’s order, add images, and more.

To edit email templates for subscriptions:

  1. In your Store Manager, go to Settings → Notifications → Customer subscription notifications.

  2. Click Edit next to one of the templates you want to change.

  3. Make the changes. If you don’t like the result, click Revert to default at the bottom of the template to restore the default template.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the result, click Save.

Learn more about editing email templates in your store 💡

Canceling recurring subscription

A subscription can be canceled in three ways:

  • You cancel the subscription manually.

  • The customer cancels their subscription manually.

  • If a payment fails (not enough money on a credit card or the card period has expired), the subscription is automatically canceled within 7 days, unless the customer adds a valid card to their account.

To cancel a subscription manually:

  1. Go to My Sales → Subscriptions.

  2. Select the subscription you want to cancel and click Actions → Cancel subscription.

After canceling the subscription, orders will no longer be placed automatically, and the customer won’t be charged any further.

Recurring subscriptions for customers

A price and a subscription period will be shown in your storefront. The period is displayed for subscription items only. If an item has an option for a one-time purchase, a subscription period will be displayed in the product details.


If the product has two ways of payment, a customer can choose to buy only once or subscribe.


Once an order is placed, a new account for a customer is created automatically in your store (if the person hasn't created an account yet). The customer will receive an email with the subscription details and a link to log into his account in your store.

Customers can log into their account and manage their subscriptions, e.g., changing card details, canceling subscriptions, checking the delivery address. They will also see their payment details, payment history, and your store contacts.

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