Note: This feature is available with Online Store and Advanced Store plans 💡

You can offer tiered pricing for each product in your store based on quantity. For example, a product costs $10, but if you buy five items, the price will be $9 each.

Discount prices are shown on the product details in the storefront and discounts are applied immediately as soon as the quantity added to the cart changes.

Create bulk discounts

1. In Online store settings, go to CatalogProducts and open the product you want to edit.

2. On the right, click Manage pricing options → Bulk discount pricing settings. Then, add the quantity and price per item when a customer purchases the determined amount of the product. Don't forget to save your changes.

Tip: You can add multiple rows if you offer a discounted wholesale price based on purchase quantity. For example, you might sell the item for $44.95 individually, but when a customer buys 5, the price per item drops to $40, and when they buy over 10, the price per item goes down to $30. Learn about wholesale in more detail here 💡

Display bulk discounts

After you add bulk discounts to your products, make sure that Wholesale prices are among the sidebar items that you've chosen to display on your product pages:

  1. In the Online store settings, go to Design and scroll to the Sidebar section.

  2. Place a checkmark next to the Wholesale prices item.


On the product page your customers will see a note explaining the bulk discounts and showing the discounted prices depending on the number of items bought:

Bulk discount pricing in the storefront

Bulk discounts for products with options

If you use product options, a few different selections of options for one product in the cart will still be considered one product. So it is possible to mix and match and get the volume discount for that purchase. For example, you have a bulk discount starting from 5 items and have green, blue and yellow t-shirts. In this case, a customer can add two blue t-shirts, one green, and one yellow, and get the bulk discount price.

Variations may have separate prices and separate wholesale pricing, so a customer will need to add to the cart several items of the same variation to get a discount.

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