Creating a discount coupon code

You can create discount codes for:

  • a fixed value discount (e.g. $5 off)

  • a percentage discount (e.g. 10% off)

  • a free shipping discount

  • a fixed value or percentage discount and free shipping

1. Under Marketing settings, click on Discount Coupons.

2. Click on Add New Coupon, and enter a Name, alphanumeric Code, Discount type, and Value for your coupon.

3. You can also choose from when the coupon is active and when it expires.

4. You can also specify if the code works for specific orders, products, or customer groups.

5. When you're done, Save your coupon.

Tip: You can also import a list of coupons in CSV using the Discount Coupon Importer app.

Modifying existing coupons

1. Under Marketing settings, click on Discount Coupons.

2. Select the coupon that you want to update and click on Modify.

3. Modify the coupon code settings and once done, Save your changes.

Managing discount coupons

You can manage all your coupons under the Discount Coupons section in Marketing settings.

You can filter coupons by:

  • name

  • code

  • discount type

  • time of life

  • availability

  • a number of uses (how many times your coupon was used by customers)

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