Connecting your store to Facebook

Before you can start selling your products on Facebook, you need to meet these requirements:

Once you comply, you need to connect your Facebook page to your Zyro store.

1. In the Sales Channels settings, select Sell on Facebook.

2. Click on + Connect Facebook Page and log into your Facebook profile.

3. Select the business page and click Save. You will be asked to accept Facebook Merchant Commerce terms.

Note: If you already have an active Shop section on your Facebook page, the existing products will be overridden by those in your Zyro store.

Syncing and updating products

Your Facebook catalog will automatically sync every 12 hours with your Zyro store.

If you need to update any products immediately, you can manually sync them by clicking on Sync Products on the Sell on Facebook page.

Listing products and collections on Facebook


  • Enabled products in your Zyro store will automatically show up on your Facebook Shop page. If you're featuring any of these products on your storefront page, they will be shown as Featured on Facebook.

  • Disabled products in your Zyro store will not be sent to Facebook. Products assigned to disabled categories won't be sent to Facebook either.


  • Products on Facebook are organized into collections, which are similar to your store's top-level categories. Any sub-categories in your store (women's sunglasses, for example) will be added under the main parent category (sunglasses).

  • You can't create new custom collections or edit existing ones on Facebook.

Note: When a customer places a new order through Facebook, they will finish the checkout process in your online store. You get notified about all new orders via email.

Disconnecting or hiding Facebook shop

You can disconnect your Zyro store from Facebook by disabling your Facebook page on the Sell on Facebook settings page.

Note: Disconnecting will clear your Facebook shop settings and remove your catalog from Facebook. If you track Facebook Pixel data or use Instagram product tagging, disconnecting and later reconnecting your Facebook shop could cause data loss.

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