Note: The below-given instructions apply to e-stores created with Advanced Store plans. In some locales (e.g., FR, PL, LT), Advanced Store plans are only available to clients who’ve purchased them before July 5th, 2022. These plans have been replaced with the Business plan – learn more about it here! 💡

Requirements for selling on Instagram

As your account is going to be reviewed before you can start selling, make sure that your store and Instagram account fit these requirements:

  • You have an online store that's live.

  • You sell mainly physical goods that comply with Facebook's commerce policies and merchant agreement.

  • You have set up a Facebook shop that has been approved by Facebook, and your Facebook page has no age or country restrictions.

  • Your business is located in one of these supported countries.

  • You have a business Instagram account that's connected to a Facebook shop catalog.

  • You're using the latest version of Instagram.

Setting up Instagram Shopping

Instagram stores are managed through Facebook, so before you can connect your Zyro store to Instagram, you need to:

  1. Set up a Facebook shop

  2. Convert your store’s Instagram account into a business profile

Once you do this, it's time to connect your Zyro store to your Instagram business profile and start selling.

  1. Under the Sales settings, click on Sell on Instagram under Other Channels.

  2. Next, connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Zyro store.

Once this is done, Instagram automatically begins the review process. This can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Once your account is approved, you'll get notified on Instagram that you can start tagging products.

You also need to enable product tagging once your account is approved.

Tagging products on Instagram

  1. In the Instagram app, create a new post by selecting a photo and adding a caption.

  2. Tap products in the picture you want to tag.

  3. Type the names of the products and select the right ones as they appear in the search box.

  4. Tap Done and share your post.

Note: If you delete a product from your catalog or the product runs out of stock, the associated tag will be removed from all posts where it was featured.

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