Note: The feature is available with Advanced Store plans 💡

You can start selling on if your store meets these criteria:

  • Your online store country is set to the USA.

  • Your store's currency is set to USD.

  • You don't sell handmade goods. Amazon's marketplace for handmade goods (Amazon Handmade) can't be managed by a third-party – to sell there, you need to directly create listings through your Amazon Handmade account.

  • You have an Amazon Professional seller account (see Amazon pricing for more details on the costs).

Tip: You can also sell globally on other Amazon marketplaces (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, etc.) using the Codisto LINQ app.

Step 1. Connect your Amazon account to your store

1. Under the Sales settings, click on Amazon under Other Channels.

2. Click on Get Started to launch the configuration process.

3. Sign in to your Amazon seller's account to link your Amazon account with your store. You can also create a new Amazon seller's account at this step.

4. Next, wait until your store has been approved by Amazon. There are some categories in particular that are monitored and require approval. Use the dropdown menu to see which categories require approval.

Step 2. List your first product on Amazon

Once your Amazon seller's account has been successfully configured with your Zyro store, you can create listings and sell your products on Amazon.

Note that you can only create one listing at a time through your store.

You can either:

  • Match your product to existing listings. You're most likely selling something that someone else is already selling on Amazon. Find your product on Amazon and match your listing to it.

  • Create your own product listing. If you're sure that nobody else is selling your product, you need to create a new product listing in your Amazon seller account's dashboard.

When you add a listing, you can set the product’s price for Amazon:

After you add a listing, it takes time for Amazon to review it. You’ll see the uploading status on the Amazon page in your store admin panel. Here you can also edit listings and add new ones: PROBABLY A SCREENSHOT IS MISSING

By default, product prices and quantity are automatically synced from your store to Amazon. This means that when you change the price or when a product's quantity is changed in your store, it’s automatically updated on Amazon. When a product is bought on Amazon, its stock is reduced in your catalog as well.

If you manage products on Amazon (for example, set different stock levels for products there), you need to disable the automatic sync in your store settings. To do it, from your store admin, go to All Sales Channels → Amazon and click Edit Amazon Profile. Find the Sync quantity and prices automatically setting and disable it:

Note: If you have existing listings in your Amazon seller's account, those won't be linked with your Zyro store's products. After you've connected your Amazon account to your Zyro store, all new listings will be automatically synced to your Amazon profile, too.

Step 3. Process orders from Amazon

When your product is bought on Amazon, a new order will appear in your store admin, go to My sales → Orders. Like with other new orders, you will be notified about a new order with an email.

To see how well you are doing on Amazon, go to your store admin, go to All Sales Channels → Amazon. This page shows the total sales count and amount of orders coming from Amazon:

The Manage Orders button will take you to the list of Amazon orders on the Orders page. Here you can see more details: order ID on Amazon, ordered products, shipping address, etc.

To change the order status, add a tracking number, etc., go to your Amazon Professional Seller account. You should process orders there — you can’t edit Amazon orders in your store admin panel.

If you need to contact the customer who bought your product on Amazon, you can reach them using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service on Amazon. Check the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service overview.

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