1. Did you update your website?

Make sure you update your website in the editor when you're done with your changes.

2. Have you cleared your browser cache?

If you just made some changes in the editor, updated the website, and still see the old version online, try clearing your browser's cache to see the updated version of your website live. If the whole network is cached, you might need to restart your computer, restart the internet router, or flush the DNS cache.

3. Have you checked your website in incognito mode, as well as on another browser/device and on wifi/mobile data?

Sometimes switching browsers and devices can help to see your changes live immediately.

4. Are you editing your website from multiple locations?

Every time a published website is updated, a backup is created and stored on Zyro servers. Please avoid editing your website from multiple locations (for example, several browser tabs or devices) simultaneously, or you risk this backup process.

If the problem still persists, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Success team!

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